LCC Exhibition Review

Exhibition held for the Master of posters Tom Eckersley (1914-1997), an achiever, and a purpose fulfiller for the advertisers of his time. Tom Eckersley is the one to set up the first graphic design course during at LCP (London college of printing) now known as LCC (London college of communications) during 1954. Exhibition displayed on upper street gallery of LCC the common place for the exhibitions, although it was pretty quiet, despite holding a memorial event for the well know artist Tom Eckersley.

Some very interesting work has been displayed showing the successes of Tom Eckersley including his approach towards modernist posters for the transport, the wildlife, health and safety, and of course not forgetting the small section of LCC graphic design students works displayed in the corner room.

The first reaction to some of the posters was like “oh wait I saw that somewhere, but just can’t remember where”. hmm ¬†guess some research before visiting could have been a help regardless of how famous and effective the posters were, so always remember to take your umbrella on a bad day you never know when the weather may turn against you.

Ah but don’t forget to explore those geometric forms, shapes and the size within the posters the message was very clear and straight forwardly presented.

what a shame that the posters had been camouflaged into the walls and required a good eyesight to explore them. Not so bad with the layout of the exhibition, although it could have improved with more enjoyable movement across space, and less preferably walking like a Daleks and more like Doctor Who. Students work very well displayed but in the hidden chamber unknown to the visitors, it could have been emerged with the work of Tom Eckersley to give an new look with the comparison of the old.